FSC certification at TFE

FSC certification at TFE

Forest management at TFE in harmony with FSC principles Principle 1: Adherence to FSC regulations and principles Forest Management Plan (FMP) for the period from 2003-2012 was prepared by renowned Lesprojekt Brno, a.s. according to the Forest Act no. 289/1995 Gaz. and related decrees issued by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. Prior to FMP approval, all stakeholders were given a chance to be informed about its wording. The mentioned FMP for TFE Křtiny was passed by the South Moravian Regional Authority, Department of Environment and Agriculture on 19 May 2003 under ref.no. JMK 6313/R/2003/OŽPZ/To. Principle 2: Proprietory rights, rights of using land properties and responsibility FMP was prepared exclusively for estates owned by MZLU Brno – altogether 10,273.09 ha of land intended to fulfil functions of the forest. Principle 3: Rights of aborigines Principle 4: Relations to aboriginal population and rights of employees Contacts with local inhabitants are mediated by councils of respective municipalities, towns and town quarters (34) on whose cadastral areas the estates managed by TFE Masaryk Forest Křtiny are situated. Mayors of these municipalities were invited to all negotiations and sessions held in connexion with the FMP preparation. Apart from the preparation of FMP the cooperation with municipalities concerns mainly communal waste disposal and organization of social and cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions etc. Rights of employees are guaranteed by Labour Code and by a collective agreement valid for individual calendar years. Principle 5: Forest benefits Utilization of forest benefits (namely through the sales of raw timber and wood-based products) creates jobs for more than 350 persons. Sustainable forestry combined with a sustainable forest yield is well characterized by the area representation of forest age classes with age classes 1 - 6, 8 and 9 being below the normal and age classes 10 and higher being far above the normal. Principle 6: Environmental impacts Biological diversity of forests managed by TFE Křtiny is exceptional and it is ensured by a long-term plan of nature conservation whose part is also a prepared system of biocenters and biocorridors. Especially elaborated is a network of particularly protected areas that was developed by several generations of university teachers and scientists, namely by Prof. Alois Zlatník in the 1950-1960s. At the present time, the regimen of particularly protected area applies to 3,991 hectares in 19 nature reserves and monuments of which 3 are of national significance, and in the Protected Landscape Area of Moravian Karst, which represents 40% of TFE forests. Each reserve has a plan with the principles of conservation and activities required for the maintenance and enhancement of nature protection. The conservation plans are an integral part of FMP. In connexion with the FSC certification and in addition to the above mentioned system of nature protection implemented jointly with the state administration, TFE Křtiny has developed its own system of monitoring the occurrence of rare species and singular natural relationships. Principle 7: Management plan TFE Masaryk Forest Křtiny works according to Forest Management Plan (FMP). The current plan is valid for the period from 1 January 2003 to 31 December 2012 and links up with the Regional plan of forest development for the Natural Forest Region of Drahanská vrchovina Upland (no. 30), which represents a complex solution for the development of forests within the framework of the geographical and natural region with no respect to forest ownership. Principle 8: Audits and valuation TFE Křtiny prepares a report about its activities every calendar (fiscal) year. The report is submitted for assessment to the MZLU Chancellor’s Advisory Board. Principle 9: Conservation of forests with the high value for nature conservation Former generations of foresters working the area of today’s TFE Křtiny created by their well-considered management a forest complex of highly recognized values admired by general and expert public both at home and abroad. This fact is repeatedly confirmed by participants of many international excursions and conferences organized every year, whose topics relate to forest management, nature conservation, landscape protection and forest aesthetics. This condition of the forest and the adopted ways of forest management represent a strong instigation for all TFE employees to pass the MZLU owned forests managed by them according to the contemporary scientific knowledge and personal responsibility to future generations in an even better condition. Principle 10: Plantations The management of MZLU forests by TFE is polyfunctional, i.e. not focused only on the production of wood mass. This trend will be continued in the future. The forest function of production in the form of lignicultures will not be therefore given preference – how great soever may be its social impact on local population in the region. All forest stands in question have been classified in the category of special-purpose forests, which also follows out from the paedagogic and scientific mission of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno stipulated in the University Act no. 111/98 Gaz. (no. 552/2005 Gaz.).