Centre of Business Activities

Centre of Business Activities

The Centre of Business Activities resides in the building of the TFE Headquarters in Křtiny. It was established to carry out contract works, namely for Lesy České republiky. s.p. (Forests of the Czech Republic) where complex silvicultural and logging operations were delivered including timber haulage. The works are provided at contractual prices also for other entities such as CHKO (Protected Landscape Area) Moravian Karst, Železniční stavitelství Brno, a.s., Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR, Českomoravský cement, a.s. In the last three years, the centre was engaged in the revegetation of recultivated land-fills of communal waste.

Forest operations supplied by the Centre are as follows: - complete extraction of slash - afforestation - forest protection (mowing of young plantations, repelents against game browsing, chemical protection against insect pests, construction of exclusion fences, etc.) - all logging operations including timber haulage.