Special-purpose activities

Special-purpose activities

The main activity and mission of the Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny following out of the valid Act no. 111/1998 Gaz. (no. 552/2005 Gaz.) on universities is a fulfilment of special-purpose activities. This means that TFE as an organizational unit of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno serves namely to students, teachers and researchers fromthe Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology in order to ensure paedagogical, research and verification tasks.

Total turnover of these activities as expressed in financial terms amounts recently to about 5 mil. CZK per year and the funds serve to fulfil special-purpose tasks submitted by individual MZLU LDF and TFE departments concerning the ensurance of production and operational practice, semestral and main tutorials of students, promotion and publication activities of the Enterprise and Faculty, ensurance of the operation of permanent special-purpose facilities and demonstration objects, creation of conditions for the scientific and research work of MZLU students, teachers and employees.

Students’ practical training and tutorials

Practical paedagogical activity is organized at TFE Křtiny within the framework of compulsory work experience for students of the 1st year of Bachelor study in forest-, landscape- and timber engineering at the MZLU Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. A total annual number of students engaged in the practical training is more than 250, which represents up to 35,000 student hours. In this practical training the students take part in manual silvicultural operations and work in the facilities of primary and secondary timber production.

Students of the 2nd year of Bachelor study in all programmes are offered an optional practical training at TFE Křtiny. Every year there are several tens of students (3,000 student hours) who decide for the Training Forest Enterprise where they make a practice of technoeconomic workers.

Pre-dissertation practical training is every year organized for about 10 students (1,200 student hours) from Master programmes of forest- and landscape engineering in order to gather and process data for their dissertations. The number of last year’s students from abroad (Spain, Russia) has been recently increasing.

There are also other types of practical courses organized for foreign students (e.g. from UGLTU Jekaterinburg and MGUL Moscow in Russia, from ETSI de Montes/Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain) or for students from Czech forestry colleges (e.g. SLŠ Hranice). The practical courses are annually passed by about 50 students (min. 10,000 student hours).

Tutorials are organized in technical subjects for all programmes and years of Bachelor and Master studies taught at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology including distance study programmes. Some tutorials are organized also for students from the MZLU Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Horticulture as well as for students from other universities. These paedagogical activities are concentrated into practical semestral and main tutorials and represent every year a minimum of 75,000 student hours for about 1,500 attending students with an annual mean time length of the practical training at TFE Křtiny per 1 student being 50 hours.

Training Forest Enterprise Křtiny successfully fulfils its special-purpose mission, i.e. practical training, work experience and tutorials in more than 110,000 student hours per year. 

Dissertations and doctoral theses

There are ca. 20 doctoral theses, 30 Master dissertations and 15 Bachelor dissertations annually tackled at TFE Křtiny. These should be added an average number of 5 works of Student’s scientific activity per year.

Research, verification and pilot projects

There are more than 25 research, verification and pilot projects running every year on the TFE Křtiny premises and resolved by individual departments of the MZLU Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Research Station Křtiny and by the TFE Department of special-purpose activities, including grants of the European Union.


The interest of expert and general public in TFE demonstration objects and results of special-purpose and other activities, practical application of outputs from the paedagogical, research and scientific processes at LDF and MZLU as well as in the means of mechanization produced by the Research Station Křtiny is invariably very high.

There are more than 160 excursions every year, attended by about 10,000 visitors of whom at least 800 persons and about 60 excursion groups are coming from abroad.

From the Czech Republic, regular excursions to TFE Křtiny are organized e.g. for students from the Forestry College and Forestry Technical School in Písek, pupils from a number of secondary agricultural and horticultural schools, grammar schools, students from the University of Palacky in Olomouc and from the Faculty of Forestry at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. Many of them attend several-day block tutorials in silviculture, forest botany and dendrology, forest aesthetics, forest and wod technology. The Enterprise is also visited by experts from the state enterprise Forests of the Czech Republic (Lesy ČR), Military Forests and Farms of Czech Republic, Institute of Forest Management, owners or representatives of prominent Czech private forest estates, representatives of municipal forests, experts from national parks and protected landscape areas as well as representatives of ecological NGOs. The excursions often fulfil an education function, e.g. in cooperation with the Municipal Library in Blansko, Municipal Cultural Centre in Adamov (walking tours, discussion forums, exhibitions), outings with pupils from primary schools and schooling facilities of various types.

Foreign visitors are foresters from both state and private forests in Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine, forestry experts and students from Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and Great Britain, and also from overseas – from China, Guatemala, Chile, Columbia, Morocco, Mexico, Taiwan and many countries of Middle Asia. Every year, there are visitors to TFE Křtiny from more than 40 countries worldwide. Field demonstrations are to introduce Czech forestry and wood technology know-how and are mainly focused on the near-natural methods of forest management, especially on the management of beech and oak stands, mixed stands of beech and larch, conversions to the selection forest, forest aesthetics, on the employment of appropriate means of mechanization, and on the operations of primary and secondary forest production. Practical environmental education and organization of international summer courses have become traditional events at TFE Křtiny.

Promotion and publicity events

The greatest enterprise in this area is doubtlessly the publication of autobiographical books of memoirs written by prominent foresters and founders of the Faculty of Forestry in Brno – professors Josef Konšel and Josef Opletal.

Audio records and CDs are made from live concerts organized in the last four years in cooperation of TFE Křtiny and the Brno Conservatory and held in the Křtiny Chateau and Church.

The Chateau of Křtiny is a venue of painting exhibitions (e.g. Antonín Vojtek – the painter of South Moravia) and various sales expositions (e.g. Christmas floristries and decorations by Anna Fojtíková). The exhibitions meet with an unusual interest of visitors and potential buyers of exhibited works.

Presentations of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology and Training Forest Enterprise are systematically introduced by the commissioned TFE staff in electronic and printed mass-media, as regional and national TV and radio news and discussions, articles in enclosures to regional and national periodicals, but also in technical magazines at home and abroad.

The Research Station Křtiny ensures the demonstration of produced forest machines, i.e. forest cableways LARIX 550, LARIX 3T, LARIX Kombi and LARIX Hydro, motor-driven cableway carriage MOKO, disk rotary cultivators of TPF series, AVYPO undercutters and DVV crushers apart from the permanent display at the TFE Křtiny also at various events held both at home and abroad.

TFE Křtiny presents its activities also at events held in the Congress Centre Chateau Křtiny in cooperation with LDF departments and with the Centre of Life-Long Studies at MZLU (e.g. national and international conferences and excursions ENFORS, SUSTMAN, FAO, EFI, ČHMÚ, Pro Silva Bohemica) and by Students’ Forest Versatility. The Enterprise participates with the Faculty departments also in opening new memorials of the Forest Pantheon, in the Days of open doors in the Řícmanice and Křtiny Arboreta and at similar events.

In Europe, TFE Křtiny is presented by posters, papers and contributions at conferences held e.g. in Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia and Sweden. TFE presentations in Latin America and Asia were made in Columbia Mexico and in China and Asian part of Russia, respectively. Thse foreign presentations of TFE Křtiny experts play always an important role in the already traditional foreign paedagogical and scientific activities of TFE, representing doubtlessly a prestigeous introduction of prominent Czech forest know-how of the Training Forest Enterprise in cooperation with local forestry institutions.

TFE Křtiny is regularly visited by celebrities of various political parties, members of Parliament, senators of the Chamber of Deputies and members of the Second Chamber of Czech Republic, representatives of the region of South Moravia and its metropolis Brno. Visitors to TFE were prominent experts in forestry, timber engineering, landscaping, agriculture, non-governmental organizations and naturalists from Czechia and many forest celebrities from abroad (prof. Sabor from the Kraków Academy of Agriculture in Poland, prof Matič from the University of Zagreb in Croatia, director dr. Paivinen from EFI Joensuu in Finland, prof. Kazda from the University of Ulm in Germany, director Reed from CONAFOR in Mexico and many other). These visits stimulate technical cooperation and joint projects of LDF MZLU Brno, TFE Křtiny and other foreign institutions – e.g. with the University of Freiburg and University of Ulm in Germany, CONIF in Columbia, INAB in Guatemala, CONAFOR in Mexico, Faculty of Forestry ETSI de Montes in Madrid and with forestry universities in Jekaterinburg and Moscow in Russia.