Forest aesthetics and arboretum

On the territory of the Forestry Slavin we take care of 60 ornamental paluges planted with foreign tree species, 50 wells and 90 memorials dedicated not only to important personalities mainly in the field of forestry, but also to wildlife, etc.  We are building forest ponds, pools and watering holes. We establish new tree alleys, including ‘edible avenues’, and care for aesthetically interesting solitary trees.

Every year, we contribute to the Christmas atmosphere in Brno and several other towns in the area, where Christmas trees from our forests decorate the local squares. In thousands of households, lights are switched on Christmas trees that have also grown in our forests. The beauty of these forests has also inspired many artists. The book of forests, waters and hillsides by the citizen of Bílovice and poet S. K. Neumann is proof of this.

We take care of three arboreta of Mendel University in Brno: Arboretum Křtiny, Arboretum Řícmanice and Arboretum Habrůvka, which represent a unique scientific collection of trees and shrubs, while the largest of the arboretums – the Křtiny one – is open to the public most of the year. Forest aesthetics is a beautiful discipline; however, the care of the objects costs a considerable amount of money, which we pay from our own resources, mostly from the sale of timber.