Sawmill Olomučany

The sawmill in Olomučany was built in the second half of the 1990s with the aim of processing its own wood raw material. The sawing is carried out on two sawmills. The annual cutting capacity in a two-shift operation is 20 000 m3. At present, production runs in a single-shift operation.

The timber is transported to the sawmill in full lengths and on the Baljer-Zembrod handling line the timber is measured (2D acceptance), manipulated into cut-outs and sorted according to grades, tenons and other requirements of the sawmill. Valuable assortments are delivered partly to external customers and the part of the raw material that is not suitable for sawn timber production is processed in the firewood program.

The large sawmill is equipped with a bandsaw with a subsequent ripping and edging unit. The technology is designed primarily for the cutting of hardwood (beech, oak), which takes place in the November-April period and results in unedged timber in all grades. In the summer period, this technology is used to cut coniferous timber (spruce, pine, larch), where the final product is construction edge lumber. The existing technology allows cutting of cut-outs in lengths of 3 – 6 m.

The small sawmill is equipped with a frame saw (cutter) and is used for cutting non-standard lengths of lumber (e.g., roof ties).

The production of sawn timber is further enhanced by the possibility of steaming and drying sawn timber. We have one steaming and three drying chambers, all from Katres.

Sawmill by-products such as sawdust and wood chips are used for heat production in the local boiler house and in two other biomass boiler houses within UFE Křtiny.