The school forestry company Masarykův les Křtiny (ŠLP Křtiny) is also involved in the maintenance of arboretums owned by Mendel university in Brno. These are Arboretum Křtiny, Arboretum Řícmanice and Arboretum Habrůvka.

The Křtiny Arboretum is located between the towns of Křtiny and Jedovnice. The Arboretum serves as a green classroom for students of Mendel University in Brno, for scientific purposes and is also open to the public.


1 Arboretum Křtiny

The largest of them with an area of 23 ha is the Křtiny Arboretum, which is located between the towns of Křtiny and Jedovnice, approximately 23 km from Brno. You can find more information at


2 Arboretum Řícmanice

The second arboretum is located in the woods between Řícmanice and Babice nad Svitavou. It was founded in the 1960s by the care of associate professor Jindřich Chmelař. It covers an area of 4.31 ha, and one of the largest specimens of the Chilean sweet oak (Araucaria araucana) growing here is located in the territory of the Czech Republic.

Access to group excursions is permitted by prior arrangement throughout the year; e-mail:


3 Arboretum Habrůvka

Habrůvka Arboretum is the youngest and smallest arboretum. It is a permanent research area, which has an area of only 2.5 ha. It extends in the Moravian Karst by the Hraniční forest road in the Habrůvka forest in the forest complex between the villages of Habrůvka and Rudice. The Habrůvka Arboretum is not freely accessible to the public, it is only used by students and pedagogues of MENDELU for study and research.