The whole area of UFE is the research base for MENDELU and other research institutions. We try to transfer the research findings into practice mainly through our concept. The complete database and graphical records of active permanent research areas are freely available online on our mapserver.

UFE Křtiny currently solves or participates in the following projects:

  • TAČR „DivLand“: Centrum pro krajinu a biodiverzitu – WG B. Lesní ekosystémy
  • TAČR: Rýhový zalesňovací stroj s automatickým sázecím mechanismem a automatickou aplikací závlahy a hnojiv.
  • Horizon 2020 „Climb-Forest“
  • Erasmus+ „ForDil“: Forest of the future – digital tools for learners to foster CCF approach
  • MyGardenOfTrees
  • EXCELLENTIA – Centre for Forest Ecosystem Research at FFWT MENDELU   
  • DendroNETWORK (Czechglobe)

Projects solved in the past:

  • SFŽP Norské fondy „Oslo“: Tvorba adaptační strategie lesů MENDELU
  • Horizon 2020 ASFORCLIC: Adaption strategies in forestry under global climate change impact
  • Interreg „FORRISK“: Cross-border forest risk management Austria – Czech Republic
  • Horizon 2020: MySustainableForest – Earth observation services for silviculture

Inform us about any research plan:, phone number: +420 731 623 185.